After extensive research into the many Virtual Reality methods available, we decided to go with QuickTime VR. In our opinion it is the best type available, and the panoramas or object movies we create may be used in Director, Flash or inserted into HTML websites. We can also convert the movies to run with JavaScript or in stand-alone QT players.
What is QuickTime Virtual Reality?
QTVR is a wonderful way to experience locations and products on the Internet or multimedia presentations (such as Interactive Business Cards.) When you first see a Virtual Reality panorama or object movie, it appears like an ordinary still image. Itís not. Put your mouse cursor over the image, hold down your left mouse button and scroll around. If itís a location panorama, you will be able to move around the scene as if you were standing there. You can also zoom in or out for a closer or further view. We create single panoramas as well as complete facility tours. With an object movie, it will be as if you are holding the object in your hand. If you hold down your left mouse button and scroll around, it will be as though you are rotating the object in your hand. The thumbnails you see are stills of some of the VR we have created. There are single panoramas, tours and object movies. Some use the free QuickTime plugin while others do not require a plugin as they use a java applet. Click on one of the thumbnails to experience Virtual Reality.
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Virtual Reality
Click on one of the images below to experience Virtual Reality