RenderForge leads the pack in IBC design. From our impressive stock interface collection to a totally customized presentation our cards WILL get results.

About the same size as paper business cards
custom shapes available
Hold up to 50 megabites of information
PC or Macintosh formatted(or both)
Work in any top-loading CD Rom drive

Who's Using Interactive Business Cards? FORD, Compaq, SIEMENS, Levis, Nintendo, Redwing shoes, Memphis Convention Center, Price Waterhouse Coopers, Kemper Funds and more

Ford Motor Co. wanted to show thousands of reporters covering the North American International Auto Show that it'sa cutting-edge technology company. So the No. 2 automaker came up with the tech gimmick of the show -- a promotional CD-ROM packaged as a business card. "There aren't too many companies doing this yet," said John Emmert, Ford's communications technology manager."We knew it would have a 'gee-whiz' factor to it. Reporters and editors raved about the tiny CD and the incredible amount of information contained on each The Ford card used photos, text, soundand video to highlight concept cars, production vehicles, Ford history, a Ford PC screen saver and a host of Internet sites that offer auto content.

The Discovery Channel "Interactive Business Cards on CD-ROM are here. Get rid of those stodgy paper business cards. Companies are offering interactive CD-ROM cards the same size as a standard business card that can carry the same amount of information as a Website. The cards function in both Windows and Macintosh and can hold presentations or company catalogs.

What are people saying about IBCs?

BOOK FRESH IDEAS IN LETTERHEAD AND BUSINESS CARD DESIGN 4 Author Gail Deibler Finke has been urging businesspeople to create smarter cards. "People collect cards everywhere they go, she says. "The problem is, most of them never look at those cards again." FASTCOMPANY MAGAZINE These Cards Mean Business. If you want to make an extraordinary impression, why use ordinary business cards? A CD-ROM in the shape and size of a business card can store text, graphics, audio, video, animation -- even Web links. RenderForge is offering stock interfaces for the IBCs at a discount. To see a sample click on the name below:
             The "Alabaster"
             The "Techtronix"
             The "Indigo"
             The "Chronicle"

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