RenderForge is an innovative multimedia, web and computer graphics firm. Started by three graduates of the Master's program at the world renown Advanced Visualization Lab (AVL) at East Tennessee State University, The RenderForge team combines real world experience in many different areas plus education and experience in the emerging digital media field. They create stunning and productive multimedia, web, Virtual Reality DV, 2D and 3D projects.
Our Team:

CEO: Chris Joker After 19 years in the commercial broadcast industry and several building custom furniture Chris decided to head back to school to obtain a Master's degree in computer graphics/animation. Chris has won several awards for his 3D modeling and animation as well as 2D design both on and off the computer. Combining skills learned in the broadcast industry with those of furniture design and computer graphics Chris provides an interesting combination of skills, which deliver client pleasing designs and programming. Dream Project: Create the "FIX EVERYTHING" button for use on the computer and off.
Creative Director and "Caffeine Metaphysician": Elizabeth Williams. Lisa began her undergraduate studies in Fine Art but was lured into the Philosophy department, graduating with a BA and the faculty award for top student, then in true contrary fashion spent the next seven years in the highly technical field of ophthalmic photography. Returning to school, she received her Masters from the viciously disciplined AVL (see above.) At various points along the way, Lisa has also been a kennel keeper, county court clerk, hotel night auditor, sign painter, cocktail waitress, librarian, bill collector, and art instructor. Combining skills and training from philosophy, art, computer graphics and bill collecting, Lisa creates exciting graphics and can make sure we get paid, too. Her current interests include screenwriting, karate, and massive coffee consumption-also known (to philosophers and denizens of computer graphics) as "caffeine metaphysics."

Web consultant Marianne Cooper. Marianne has a knack for creative, functional design that focuses on brand reinforcement. Her Bachelors degree in Art History and Studio Art served as a great background for her Master's Degree in Computer Graphics/Web Design where she toiled alongside Chris. She recently left the Dot Com world of San Francisco, California where she worked as Creative Lead of Development for an international company that specialized in recruiting software. She loves the South and has a weakness for Chick-fil-a, so if you own a Chick-fil-a and want a website or multimedia presentation, we MIGHT be able to work out some trade.

Programming GURU Arron "ifthen" Floyd. Arron cut his programming teeth on a Commodore 64 (He HAS upgraded). If it were possible to program a toaster to find Nicole Brown-Simpson's "real" killer, Arron would have done it. Thank goodness O.J. is still looking.

Artists: RenderForge keeps on hand a large "stable" of talented freelance artists and programmers to help complete projects on time, under budget. At RenderForge we believe "less is more." Our expertly trained small full-time staff and low overhead keep our prices down and provide you with personal hands-on service.

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