If it's digital, we do it.

WEB DESIGN: WEB DESIGN: From traditional (itsounds kind of funny referring to anything in webdesign as "traditional") HTMLtoFlash, Shockwave to server side apps, we will work with you to findthe best way to meet your web presence goals and then go out and introduce ourselvesto them.

VIRTUAL REALITY: After extensive research into the many Virtual Reality methods available, we decided to go with QuickTime VR. In our opinion, it is the best type available. The panoramas or object movies we create may be used in Director and Flash or inserted into HTML websites. We can also convert the movies to run with JavaScript or in stand-alone QT players.

INTERACTIVE BUSINESS CARDS (IBCs): RenderForge leads the pack in IBC design. From our pre-designed interfaces to a total custom job, our cards GET results. We create exciting presentations, then burn them onto mini-CDs about the shape and size of traditional paper business cards. We also work with custom shapes. You want a CD card the shape of your head? We can do that! Most of the cards hold 50 mb...We're not sure what your head will hold! Click here for more IBC info.

LOGOS: Whether you need a totally new design or simple tweaking of an existing design, we get insideyour head to create the design you don't even know is there.

INTERFACES: An interface is how a viewer interacts with your website, multimedia CD, game etc. It's the look, thefeel and the controls of your project. We like to think of it asyour store front, your first impression. It better be good andeasy to navigate or your visitor is likely to move on. Hey, we designed this disappearing square, fading in and out, scrolling up and down, thing-a-majobby interface didn't we? (We cannot guarantee that your interface will have such a technical name as ours).

BROCHURES: In addition to our digital presentations we can design or redesign a print presentation, which will grab the essence of your business, service or product, hold it captive until we can faithfully reproduce it in print so that you may unleash it on a deserving client.

3D: We use it for all types of presentations, programs and games. Several of our artists are trained and certified in MAYA (the industry standard) as well as 3D studio Max.

DIGITAL VIDEO (DV): Just like any other video except itís digital so there's no quality loss so we can tweak it, squash it, flip it, move it and groove it all we want and it will still look sharp. DV is used in multimediapresentations, CDs, websites as well as good old-fashioned TV commercials and programs.

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